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A “Multi-Disciplinary” Team Approach

Expectations for school readiness are far more demanding now than they were in 1892. Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center takes great pride in the professional qualifications of its staff.

Classroom teachers hold New Jersey Preschool-Grade 3 teacher certifications.


The Center also has an experienced support staff of qualified professionals:

  • a licensed professional counselor

  • a licensed art therapist

  • two family workers

  • a registered nurse

Our multidisciplinary team approach to working with children and families is further enhanced by the on site delivery of interventional services from consulting professionals:

  • Speech Therapist

  • School Psychologist

  • Learning Disabilities Specialist

  • Inclusion Specialist

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and
    Registered Dietician.

  • A local Pediatrician and Dentist also provide emergency, consulting and advisory services

Intervention Services that “Effect Positive Changes” in Children


  • Collaboration with Passaic City Head Start that provides enhanced support services to enrolled Head Start eligible children and families

  • Annual Developmental Screenings and Assessments: Speech, Learning, Social and Emotional Development, Sensory Processing, Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition

  • Small Group intervention activities combined with in-class support for children with low resilience, sensory / motor integration delays, and challenging behaviors

  • Ongoing Therapy from State Certified Speech and Learning Specialists

  • Clinical intervention services, using play and art therapy, for children who struggle with ongoing personal or family issues that are interfering with normal, healthy developmental growth

Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center, 104 Jefferson Street, Passaic, NJ 07055