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Because Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center believes so passionately in the “power of family”, qualified staff and consulting professionals offer a diverse menu of group and individual support services to parents. The purpose of several evening programs is to promote, nurture, and sustain “healthier homes” utilizing a variety of approaches, each with its own targeted focus area. Other services provide parenting skills education, help parents build stronger home/school partnerships, and treat personal issues through individual clinical therapy sessions.

Programs and Services that Promote “ Positive Change” Within Families

  1. Parent Nutrition Education, Healthy Cooking, and Fitness programs

  2. Parenting Skills, Child Development, and Behavior Management series

  3. Between 8 and 12 weeks of Group Counseling for mothers and fathers who are eager to improve their Family Dynamics.

  4. Individual Clinical Therapy for Parents

  5. Mothers’ monthly Support and Relaxation Group

  6. Evening ESL classes for parents of enrolled children

Most of the financial support for parent programs and enhanced services to children comes from:


The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)

United Way of Passaic County

The Turrell Fund

Passaic Family Head Start

Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center is extremely grateful for the investment these funders have so graciously made year after year. Their grants and contracts validate our belief that it takes “healthy families” to raise “healthy children” - children who have the confidence and skills necessary to succeed in all walks of life.

Our ultimate goal is to empower the child,

the parent, and the family.

Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center, 104 Jefferson Street, Passaic, NJ 07055