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Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center develops curriculum activities based on routinely conducted observations of children’s “play”. Young children learn best through play. Observing children at play enables teachers to create interactive “playing and learning” areas that reflect the individual and group interests of the children in their class. Toddlers and preschool aged children need daily opportunities to engage in hands-on activities that encourage them to: explore the properties of materials and objects, manipulate them, test for cause and effect, develop language about them, and learn how to apply what they already know to new situations. Frequent opportunities to re-visit these activities gradually evolve into personal, trial and error frameworks within which children discover what their own particular interests are. Skilled teachers tap into these observed interests. Teachers challenge and support children’s efforts to apply prior knowledge (what they already know) in order to scaffold learning and expand skill bases.

An Active Learning Approach model’s focus is on how the child manipulates materials and how he uses them to express his ideas. The focus is not on the finished project. Process rather than Product drives the curriculum. Children’s Day Nursery and Family Center blends the High Scope Approach and the Authentic Theme (Project Approach) models in our 3-4 year old classrooms.

Teachers in the 2 1/2 – 3 year old class use the Creative Curriculum for Toddlers as their education model. This curriculum, which focuses on social/emotional concepts, is very compatible with and easily transitions to High Scope in the older Abbott Preschool Classrooms.

Children who age out of our programs leave our Center with the self-confidence and readiness skills that will inspire them to be academic risk takers, creative thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders.

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